Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Modern Day Still Life: Freedom

This is no ordinary cupcake. It may be a yellow cake with strawberry frosting, but it tastes of freedom. It was part of my post-exam meal (don't worry, Dad. I ate some real food in the form of curry beforehand) akin to a prisoner's final meal except with much happier results.

Just like the startling sugar rush that ensued from gobbling up icing in a shade of Barbie pink, I'm in shock that exams are finally over. Exams for you readers involved exciting posts about Barcelona, but for me it meant a sore back from lugging library books, a blister on my hand from furiously scribbling away in likely illegible handwriting during my three two hour exams, and more lattes consumed than Anna Wintour orders. I survived somehow though and now am at an utter loss of what to do with myself. I can watch a movie without feeling guilt-ridden? Even weirder, the concept of pleasure reading which I can't wait to rediscover as soon as my brain reboots. For now the most I can accomplish is eating cupcakes, no shame in that.

This particular cupcake comes from Artisan Roast in Edinbugh's New Town. I know the perfectly piped frosting is distracting, but you should really be paying attention to my mocha for as the name suggests, Artisan Roast is all about the art of espresso. Now wasn't that pompous turn of phrase "art of espresso," but they have the best latte I've had in this city (and I've tried 24 cafes, not that anyone's counting) if not ever. Rich almost buttery foamy bliss that needs no sugar. And that's not the only art form I've seen at the cafe. They are also experienced latte artists, not something you usually get if your coffee comes with a lid on it. Today's mocha was bittersweet (for definition hear Big Head Todd & the Monsters ridiculous song) in the best possible way. It gave me just the right jolt after that impending sugar coma.
[A bunny I got at a previous trip to Artisan Roast.]

If you're ever in Edinburgh make sure to stop by and get your latte poured by the barista with the mustache and then enjoy it under the lights made out of old mugs and french presses.

[Note: The Modern Day Still Life series is me trying to make ridiculous photos of my food into art. Bear with me here and expect a few more indulgent posts of this sort. There are a lot of cafes in Edinburgh.]

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