Friday, May 27, 2011

Bye to the 'Burgh

Today is my last day in Edinburgh for this academic year. Scotland has been reminding me why I love it this week: 70MPH winds, on and off downpour, buildings without elevators making move out all the more fun when you live on the third floor. The photo above is from Hilly's visit to Edinburgh in March when I nearly fell down Arthur's Seat (again), but minus the peacoat my outfits this week look almost the same. I never thought I would be wearing jeans when its almost June, but that's Scotland for you. It might surprise you as those silly tourism ads say.

Although I won't miss tripping over cobblestones for a few months, I will miss using the castle to orient myself on my way to discover the latest cafe, the burgers, beer, and banter at the pub, and my friends' caustic wit as we argue over the latest film we've seen at the Cameo. Edinburgh has made my junior/third year one I will never forget. Despite the alienating bagpipes, I've really come into my own in Scotland. I can't wait to learn more about myself and the city soon enough.
[Gratuitous photo of Gatsby taken by my dad.]

But for now it's time to say goodbye and board the plane back to Minnesota. I look forward to being attacked by 78lbs. of American bulldog when I get home and of course seeing my family. As soon as Gatsby calms down and I get over my jet-lag, I will update you on the enthralling life that exists in suburbia. I plan on keeping this blog going even when I'm nowhere near the Loch Ness that inspired the name of it. Look forward to more posts on travels, food, and quotidian happenings over the summer.


  1. ah home! but how nice to know that you will be returning to an amazing place for school once again :)

  2. Man I want to be in the pub with you guys, it sounds like so much fun! I hope that you continue this blog all summer and next year, and lots of photos! It would be cool to see some detail shots of cobble stones.

    I love your adventures in Minnesota too, I have never been as you know and it's cool to read up on your adventures at home (that state fair you posted on was amazing, Michigan does not have one anymore, we are too broke).

  3. Ha, that wind looks crazy (but fun) in your photo! I agree with Sara. Your pub adventures always sound like a blast! I am so happy your year was such a success! I am definitely following so I can read more about your adventures.

  4. How cool to get a reply from the band itself - you got INFLUENCE, lady!! ^^ Ah the UK will miss you, but can't wait to read all about your adventures across the pond this summer! xx